Chocolate is extracted from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao, a tropical tree that takes after a Greek term that means “food of the gods”. More than 2,000 years ago pre-Columbian Latin American locals used to avail cacao seed as currency. However, when the Spanish arrived, they launched sweetened chocolate by adding cane sugar and honey to the distasteful chocolate drink brewed from the cocoa seed, upon taking this newly discovered recipe back to Spain it found unmatchable popularity. The popularity of sweetened chocolate drinks led to the exponentially increased plantation of Theobroma cacao trees. Reserving the same fine quality UAE brought luxurious chocolate Al-Ain to its various cities. The shops of specialty coffee Al-Ain also have the splendid quality chocolates accompanying the fresh warm drinks and freshly baked refreshments.

Here is the list of chocolate companies supplying the splendid quality of chocolates in Al-Ain:
• This chocolate project is the initiation of Japan traveling all across and to the UAE due to its promising quality
• Famous for its dedication to supplying the splendid chocolate made from high-quality ingredients
• Has outlets in various countries including, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, India, Australia, and the U.S.A. Recently had an outlet introduced in UAE.
• With Triple Commitment Quality brand picks only the splendid ingredients, flourished recipes, remarkable tastes, production procedure, hygiene control, sales strategy, and services for a promising supply of premium quality chocolates.
• Patchi initiated the concept of gifting chocolate to your loved ones or celebrating any occasion setting up an evolutionary trend in the world of chocolate retail.
• Patchi was given the title of being “the ultimate Chocolate Gift Destination” due to its supreme quality chocolates, and innovative and excellent packaging demonstrating its attention to every detail of the celebrated occasions.
• enhancing the quality of products.
3. DIP & DIP:
• The focus point of this brand is the satisfaction and happiness of their customers therefore they introduced an “open kitchen tour” facility for their customers so that they could touch, smell, and feel the delicious treats created by master chefs right in front of their eyes.
• In addition, the service and captivating technique of the chefs to pour the chocolate from a high height, customers find it very anticipating and dramatic in a good way
• Its sales directly to the private customers from Switzerland and abroad of the brand only under the brand name of “Laderach – Chocolatier Suisse”
• As for the non-private and retail export of the splendid quality chocolate the brand goes by the name of “Laderach PROFESSIONAL”
• The brand name is taken after the noblewoman “lady Godiva”, inspiration from her devotedness and liberality led the brand to yield lusciously luxurious and luscious chocolates.

• brand is known for its truffles, shell-molded chocolate pieces, European-style biscuits, Belgian chocolates, epicure coffees, and other satisfying treats.

Whether it be specialty coffee Al-Ain or the hunt to discover luxurious chocolate Al-Ain, the brands mentioned above won’t disappoint you in either case. Whether it be specialty coffee Al-Ain or the hunt to discover luxurious chocolate Al-Ain, the brands mentioned above won’t disappoint you in either case.