Overhead cranes

All You Need to Know about Gantry Cranes

In old times, the labor force was required to do the job of material lifting and shifting that the cranes are doing in these times and doing it more efficiently.  

 Cranes have made material handling projects extremely easy. Out of all types, the EOT gantry crane is ruling the market when it comes to delivering more than one purpose. Gantry cranes do not require external support columns and are available in the dual configuration option. With two legs, gantry cranes freestanding and can walk with the three-dimensional wheels at the ends. As a result, all gantry cranes serve various industries without any hassles.  

Where is Gantry Crane Used?

  • Gantries have cut the manual work in half and made life easier in construction. Whether it is a steel unit or automobile program, Gantries are serving in one way or another for load applications.
  • Gantries also provide their services in ship manufacturing. From assembly to maintenance, double girder gantries are used to hoist the huge building blocks for a very long period. 
  • Gantries have wide use in cargo ports where the hoist help in transporting large containers from one end to the other in a hustling manner.

Available Gantry Cranes in the Market

Portable Gantry Cranes

Assembling, dissembling, and carrying to diverse locations is easy due to the portable structure of this gantry crane. However, the greatest out of all features is its flexibility. Best use of small and short-span loads hoisting and handling.

Adjustable Gantries

As the name says, this gantry can either be portable or fixed and have other options, too, such as changing the height and duration. The machine also provides the adjustment of the girder length and base according to the material handling requirement. 

Single Girder Gantry Cranes

Available with a single girder and underhung hoist, this gantry is suitable for load handling projects with space constraints. It has the capacity of holding a weight of up to 25 tones.

Double Girder Gantry Cranes

Contrary to a single girder, it comes with dual beams to create a bridge. With both top and bottom running trolley options, it has an extended hoist and is best used for material heavier than 80 tones and long spans. 

Full gantry cranes

Full gantry cranes have one fixed rail attached with two moveable legs and are widely used in mage construction outdoor projects. This gantry also allows the passing of vehicles underneath. The main girder beam has no underhung hook, and the movement of the troller remains in a specific location.

Semi gantry cranes

Semi gantry crane has one fixed and one flexible leg. It can be adjusted according to the construction and space requirement, load handling weight, and height. However, it also needs vertical support to leg support. 

Gantry Overhead cranes have exclusive use in many industries and if you also need one for your construction project, contact here to know more about the options and quote.